Key Ratios are Lagging

I have pointed out in the past that the Key Ratios are severely lagging on this app. Someone mentioned that the data comes from Reuters, but here I am taking screenshots of each service simultaneously and the numbers are different. Is there a reason that these values cannot be updating in real-time with the stock price? Google does it, and even allows you to make spreadsheets which pull in real-time stock info. Sometimes I have lag-periods of over a month. These ratios are critical to investing and with growth stocks, an investor may see the price has risen and looks at the small market cap and thinks the value can still increase, when really the market cap is just lagging. I now find myself looking to google for these ratios because in my view the app is unreliable for such information. One way around / additional benefit would be to display in small grey font next to “Key Ratios”, when that information had been updated e.g. “Updated 19/01/21 18:41”.

Two screenshots to show the described “lag” below.

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