Fixing lag opening

I’ve noticed on a number of occasions if a stock rises or drops more than 15%, the platform does not open the stock at the exact market open time.

Sometimes this can take up to 7 minutes. Polestar for example didn’t open on the market until 2:33pm U.K. time, those few mins missed are often vital.

I’ve brought this up in the past to live chat and they blame it on not receiving quotes due to low volume but this makes no sense as it affects every stock on the market. (Inc Tesla, who has a decent volume every day)

Could you fix this please.

I think the lag does not have anything to do with Trading212 platform. Also it is not about low volumes, it’s the opposite. I think it has to do with (very) high volumes and an imbalance in buy and sell orders. It is quite normal that it sometimes takes a few minutes (or more!) to get a price at opening. Especially with stocks that rise or drop sharply at opening. This often happens when there is big news that affects the stock before the stock exchange opens.

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