please add KODK its popping!


Yes,I was reading yesterday about it.

Search the forum, this has been covered and closed.


Yes… let’s all get rich very quickly :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: :clown_face:

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Dont worry they wont add it fast , see how we lose oportunities like this. I asked for some stocks for a week now and nothing. Some of them gone 100% up


Kodak is taking off, breaking the sound barrier heading for the speed of light baby just watch out for that black hole

Already tradable on both platforms.

Can you tell me why in INvest platform the KODK is at 26 and the real price is at 24 ???
I understand if in Cfd is is that price which is 24 in cfd… but why in INVEST is 24$ ???

and now again the price of kodak in invest platform is 29,03 and the real price is 27.01 $…

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@Gbr There’s a difference between, SELL, last trade & BUY.

CFD displays SELL, EQ -> BUY, online sources like yahoo & google -> last trade.


Obviously we always get it when its up 2000% in the last 2 days. I keep asking for stocks and they always go up 100% . They dont even add them

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for ages and ages after searching /refreshing for the stock to show up at open i had to uninstall the whole app and reinstall again just to find it there , missed the boat it sky rocketed by then to 50

A phone restart should have done the trick for future reference, if the shut down and reopening of the app doesn’t work.

So every comment of yours is a whinge that the broker doesn’t have the stocks you want.

So here’s a novel idea. Use one that does?

Your issue is like going into Coca-Cola HQ and asking for a bottle of Pepsi. Then getting irritated when they don’t give you it. You’re a customer and as a customer are blessed with choice. Use that choice and vote with your feet.


Yeah i wanted to buy KODK yesterday when it was 8 dollars but T212 didn’t have the stock so i should be mad or upset but im not, there are 231321 penny stocks so is hard to have all. I knew Donlad trump is going to talk about the KODK after market close and knew it will jump. In time stocks will be added but atleast is a free platform.
The only things i want is a After market in invest section
a stop loss on the invest platform and take profit and stock to be added more often, but im not upset in the future T212 will be a good platform with almost all the stocks.


Any chance for pre-market and after hours to be executed?

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People are going to get hurt on this stock. Be warned