KODK halted on the app

Why Kodak when it was halted at 12.34$ didn’t unhalted after?? it was then halted 2 more times in the way than but the price on the app didn’t update so i couldn’t sell? why is that???

That’s what happens when stocks have huge run ups/drops. Buys/Sells are suspended to allow orders to be processed its not T212 :wink:

Looks like it’s been a fun day for some, others have picked up some heavy bags.

So it should have started again at 10 based on this gap. That’s the last halt I see listed (12.44 Eastern)

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It was halted in total like 5 times.
2 times going up and 3 times going down.
The Trading 212 app had the price at 12.32$ if im not mistaken and in the way down it didn’t unhalt the price shares.
T212 had a total of only 3 halts and not 5 times and you where unable to sell the last 2 halts wasn’t that long but the app was halted for like 10min +

That would have been halted for everyone though thats not T212 controlling the halting/unhalting they are just pulling through the price feed they get and showing it on the chart.

The next price after $12.32 was $10 at 12.46 when it resumed. The halts on the way down were pretty much back to back 38 seconds, and 27 seconds apart based on the official logs.

Screenshot 2020-08-19 at 16.03.48


For fun sake took short yday @13.24, just few shares. Last time I played for pocket money , Wirecard, I 10x in few days.

Of course when I play with proper money, I chicken out on split even or small profit. :lollipop:

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