Kodak pharma lol

People buying Kodak?

Not on T212 they aren’t :sweat_smile:

GNUS 2.0

Was going nuts AH. The dump back to 2.6 is going to be harsh.

Good point hahhaha :joy::joy:. I think it’s worth a punt but I’d have to do more research.

:joy: touching close to 100 RSI I’ll give it a miss.

People have paid $13.40 :grimacing:

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Hello everyone,

Eastman Kodak will be available for trading on our platforms after market open. :v:


Oh @PeterA… what have you done…?


All or nothing Kodak, yehaaaaaa

Let’s go baby, from film to pharma




who needs Robinhood? :clown_face:

Lmao that is amazing

10 years ago I bought a camera from them, used it for 2 goals, then phones began to appear with all the best cameras
now I don’t see a lot from cameras if you are not a professional photographer
for the rest there is always a smartphone at hand that takes good pictures

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Just on investing or it will also be available at CFD?

Will be available on both platforms.



Phil you use all these indicators but can you explain them in math.

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Certainly can’t explain FOMO :man_shrugging:

Almost 600% now :crazy_face:

I’m counting like 12 halts going for all the records

In fairness those indicators got me out before the downturn and the halt. :wink:

You been chipping away at it, @phildawson or staying clear?

Stayed clear it was about to pop and did.

That 50 to 30 ouch.

Some people millionaires today, others homeless.

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This market is just a joke somedays.
Can’t understand it at all most days.

These wild rides just makes me gravitate toward ETF’s more and more, even they aren’t safe though lol.

Weird market. Just weird.


Why is the price on t212 still 47…