lent shares when company in administration

Hi All, (new here)
just after some info i have some shares that have been lent out via lending system with trading 212 but the company has gone into administration, what happens as they cant return them as shares all frozen so do i get the cash amount or nothing back, any help would be great as hoping to get something back but thinking nothing ??

Hey, @Daz72 - welcome to our Community :tada:

If you hold shares of a company that was recently delisted or filed for bankruptcy, we’ll reflect whatever happens next as soon as all details are finalised and confirmed.

It’s worth noting that in such scenarios, stocks may be deemed worthless with a liquidation price of zero. However, if the liquidation price is higher than zero, all proceeds will be allocated to your account, even if some of your shares were lent. Feel free to send me a DM if you’re referring to a specific company, and I’ll gladly take a closer look at the situation :pray:

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