Limit buy order won't get approved

Trying to set a limit buy order. I have € 24,43 available in my account. I try to set a limit buy order for 2 shares of VTIQ with $10.00 as limit price. Total is € 17,51.

Now I get a message that the order can’t exceed 95% of the available funds. Huh? :thinking: Not even close to 95% right?

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I would be very happy if this limit can be increased to something like 97% at least :relaxed:

btw… 17,51 is 71.67%.

Yes I know. It looks like it checks the 95% based on the market order price.

@chantal Yes, that’s correct - the 95% limit’s based on the current market price.


@David why is that checked when you set a price much lower as limit price? Current price is 2 or 3 dollars higher than I wanted to set as limit price. A limit order doesn’t have anything to do with the market price. Or am I wrong? I don’t understand the logic.


@chantal This was the initial setup in order to prevent flooding the exchanges with limit orders that are unlikely to trigger. Example: setting Amazon limits buy at $100 when the stock’s trading at $2,000.
We have price caps (max distances) now so that’s no longer much of an issue. We’ll be correcting this logic very soon.


It’s almost 2 months on, I’m a new user and I’m getting this issue. Think i might go back to Degiro as this platform appears to have several issues :frowning:

This wil be resolved in a future update. Not thinking about going back to DEGIRO.

This thread is helpful as I’ve been pulling my hair out thinking neither me or my calculator can calculate the correct 95%! lol

But I seriously agree with @chantal. While I do appreciate the business perspective, your users/traders are clearly losing out on making bigger trades and having tiny fractions of their deposited amounts sitting there doing nothing.

If I want to invest 2k, then let me. If you can’t fulfill a 2k order as the priced spiked at that very moment, and the value of the order became 2.1k, then just partially fulfill it.

I won’t be alone in saying that most users won’t care if they ended up buying 1 less share due to a price spike, they will care that they couldn’t invest the amount they wanted to invest and the rest is just lying around like spare change doing nothing.

This bug is still not fixed.

The bus is still not fixed.

Today I was not able to buy shares with all my “free funds”.

It was not possible to buy it with several orders, because the shares cost more than 95% of my free money even if I buy 2 shares with the free money for 2 shares.

When I search with “95%” keyword I see many users complaining about this bug.

I am using limit orders.

@val42 Hi :wave:

Yes, this is yet to be corrected, we’ve raised the priority but can’t commit to a deadline.

In case this has been forgotten about… Its still boring.

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Strange. I made one limit order and it worked.

Free funds: 20 924.56
Limit order: 25×836.98 = 20 924.50 (99.99%)

But the second time when I tried it did not work.

I’m guessing this hasn’t been sorted out yet

As far as I know, max value of limit orders = free funds available on your account.

So for example you have 20k free funds, you can have any number of limit orders with cumulative value of 20k.

Ie limit order 1 is 5k, limit order 2 is 8k and limit order 3 is 7k. Total 20k.

On top of Limit order free funds checkup doesn’t look at limit price but rather market price. ( this was said long ago, not sure if changed since)

Sell Limit Price is set to $1, Sell Stop Price is $0.95, and here the engine says: the remaining value should be min. $1.

Which means, it should be enough to decrease the amount with 2 because 2 x StopPrice > $1.
Yet, it doesn’t work, see on the right side of the image.

I had to decrease the amount to 134600 for making it eligible. I have a clue that the expression used is based on the Market Price, not the Stop Price.

Btw, it should be intuitive. Don’t bother us traders with the details, you rub our time. Just do the best just like a smart secretary. :slight_smile:

This feels like Google Translate but Jesus, you shouldn’t speak to anyone like that.

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The remaining value of the instrument is the remaining number of shares X the current value of the share ($0.01). So you need to leave at least 100 shares in your account or sell all the shares you have.

Yes, perhaps this is the issue in the math because when you sell it as specified, the price will be at least the Stop Price which is $0.95 (current Market Price will not be in the game, it will be a past then), see the screenshot. =>

2 x $0.95 = $1.90 which is >$1 so you need to decrease the Amount of Shares by 2 and the criteria becomes fulfilled. In this case: 138848 shares should be decreased to 138846, and the remaining value of the investment will be $1.95 which is more than the required $1.