Limit orders management (CFD)

Some things that I really miss UX-wise:

  • Is it possible to make limit orders visible on the chart?
  • Is it possible to create “reduce only” orders OR add an expiration time for limit orders?

It was multiple times when I forgot to remove limit orders. In some cases I accidentally placed duplicated limit orders and sold more then I wanted; in others I got a position against a trend because my take profit executed and the price went down when my limit order was which I forgot about.

I know that limit orders are visible in the “pending orders” table, but would be much better to be able to plan and see all my orders.

The reason why it’s hard to remember everything is because I have to trade on different platforms, depending on instruments/spread/fees etc. So you can imagine that working on 3-4 platforms and having 1-5 positions opened on them might be hard to manage when some parts are hidden in tables (also considering that all the platforms are different in terms of UI).

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