Limit, stop , stop limit

How do I set a stop loss and what is the best way to set a stop loss for my shares of COUV as I want to keep my profits for this but don’t know how can someone please help me with this?

Open Sell order then on the stop tab enter the trigger point in which it creates a market sell for you.

Also remember you are looking at the bid (sell) price not the ask (buy) as the trigger value.

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hi thanks for reply and sorry but I still don’t get it tho if I’m honest , I’m wanting to get at least .80 cent per share so how would I put this exactly if you dont mind putting this clearer for me would l go on stop limit and then on stop put .80 then limit .80 ??

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If you are wanting 0.8 as a minimum you’ll need to be setting the stop higher to allow for time. Otherwise if the sell price is at 0.81 and it skips down to 0.77 the stop would trigger but the limit of 0.8 wouldn’t fill. Unless the BID came back up to 0.8.

So you either need to set the stop higher than the limit value. So stop at 0.85 say and then it’ll create a limit order for 0.8.


You just use the stop and enter 0.85, and it’ll create a market sell at that point instead. The advantage of this means you’ll get filled even if it falls below 0.8. So you might get 0.85 if the SP is moving slowly, but you could get potentially 0-0.84

Without knowing the stock its hard to say where to set them, if the SP is volatile allow more wiggle room, if theres low liquidity then it’ll potentially be slower to get a sale etc

The last thing to note is the Expiration, set this to GTC (good till cancelled). Otherwise you’ll need to set it up every day.

So as an example STOP LIMIT (to make a limit order on your behalf)

Or do STOP (to make a market order on your behalf)

I personally would just use the stop, over stop limit in most cases. As you want to get out at the best BID at the time, without the worry it drops past the limit and keeps going south.

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thank you so much for that its just what I was looking for ! the stock I’m talking about is COUV I actually did this but when I looked back it had came off and it won’t let me now as SEC suspension has occurred so how will this work for me now?

I don’t know but its worth doing so DD and following the news. If you read these. Looks like a 10 trading day order of suspension.

After consulting with our attorneys and speaking with the team at Carbon Ion, at this time the intent is to move forward with the proposed merger transaction. The attorneys for both sides are making certain amendments and conditional provisions to the definitive merger document, including, but not limited to, the following: The Company will file a Form 10 Registration Statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and, upon effectivensess of the Form 10, will seek a qualified Market Maker to file a Form 211 with FINRA. Concurrent with the closing of the Carbon Ion merger, the equity share of Medicevo, a subsidiary of Corporate Universe will be sold back to its CEO in a to-be-negotiated transaction. This will allow the Company to be singularly focused on Carbon Ion and its development, manufacturing, and commercialization initiatives.