Link to Yahoo Finance?

I noticed quite a few online brokers can be linked to Yahoo finance. Is this something T212 is considering?


Yes did would be a great feature hopefully they incorporate it

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Can anyone from T212 say if they would consider implementing this :slight_smile: ?

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+1 vote from me too.

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Yes please! Use it a lot to track my portfolio


I like this, let’s do it :+1:

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+1 vote from me thanks!

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Yes I’d also love this

hell no.

I have no idea why would anyone want to handover any of their data to Verizon, let alone your financial transactions. yahoo finance is full of same repeat, spammed “advertised” financial content over and over, with no use but might as well cause harm if some uninformed poor sod mistakes it for real news.

Well Yahoo finance usually has great related news. I mean if T212 can have better related news like webull under each stock, then amazing, even better!


Well now that’s a bit of an over-reaction. Completely disagree with the news, majority of it is useful for investors. Ads are clearly labelled as ads, and news sources are clearly listed too. Nothing wrong with yahoo finance imo…

I’m not talking about just label advertisements, or sponsors. 8 out of 10 “news article” there are generated by templates. zacks, insider monkey, motley fool, guru focus, simply wall st. same template article, just numbers replaced per stock.

in any case, there are a few billion portfolio tracking apps on android/ios just import a watchlist and use there. no reason to contaminate the trading environment.

I assume they can get for any ticker their news from different resources, like webull.