Recommend portfolio tracker

I currently use Yahoo Finance but am becoming fustrated by the inability to import new transactions.

What other free platforms do you use?

My criteria is the need for separate portfolios for each of my pies and the import of new transactions.

Have you tried - it has adverts nowadays but thats probably the price to pay for ‘free’.

Purely personal view but I avoid websites that install loads of cookies and my impression is that Yahoo is pretty bad for cookies, ads…

I wouldn’t want to put all of my portfolio info into a website that installs lots of third party cookies etc. That’s just me

Thanks for the suggestion. Just had a look and it seems quite a nice quick site however for my first test of 6 ETFs it’s missing 2 and looks like you cannot import additional transactions into an existing portfolio.

Simplywallst’s not bad.

I just use a spreadsheet nowadays, so I can tailor it to my liking. Between =GOOGLEFINANCE and =IMPORTXML you can scrape just about any data you want from the web.

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