London’s stock trading app Trading 212 secures £13.75M funding


Congratulation :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

It would be cool if 212 had a deal with what crowd base and offered an incentive for users by giving away shares or selling shares in the platform. Sure there would be a lot of interest.

Wonder what the funds will be used for?


Yep, could be very cool.
Not easy at regulatory point of view. Must be public listed with all constraints & costs associated to being public listed.

I guess for the EU business development.

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That is the big question, wonder if they will share or be transparent. lol

Tbh they don’t need to share anything.

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Also thinking the same. Creating a Cyprus entity and platform, onboarding new EU customers, separate the UK and EU customers from T212 UK, and afterwards migrate the existing EU customers to the T212 CY.

And also investing on infrastructure and personnel due to increased customer base (opening the customer registrations).

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Can we your customers not get in on some private shares action as well Trading 212?
I’m sure you could raise alot more Money through the community.
Have a minimum £ amount to reduce your admin.


I guess they are require to, at least, inform regulators of these material events.

It would have been as part of updating their companies house records.

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What a poorly written article