Trading 212 London outdoor campaign launched!

Better pictures coming soon…


Fantastic! :heart_eyes:

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Using Tesla Logo was a nice touch with it being in the news so much lately.

I assume you have other versions prepared with big names such as Facebook, Apple, Alphabet etc?


looks nice but you forgot to include my referral link on the adverts :smiley:



seeing that many ads side by side could induce a trauma O.O poor train commuters, they could have escaped if only they rode :stuck_out_tongue:

Got the new portfolio-graph in there too which is good.


The community requested that we ramp up our marketing. And as usual, we are trying to deliver :slight_smile:


This looks spectacular. Keep up with the good work


Great marketing campaign👌

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I recommend stepping up ads out of london across the north and midlands.

there are plenty of people across staffordshire for example who are looking for this sort of service as times prompt them to better manage their money.


Great work! I can only say with my experience how much it will benefit you if you start even a small campaign in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

We don’t have a free service like you here yet and you could really take the first player benefit. :weight_lifting_man:


Thanks! We are thinking of increasing our presence in Germany which is our second biggest market.

I just checked: we are #27 in the app store at the moment. We could do better.


Can you check a position in the Baltic region? Most people here think investing is something unreachable and difficult, T212 could pick a nice position in the market by introducing free of charge investing.

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Here’s for example Lithuania. We are #30 at the moment. You can check any country by just changing the country code in this URL(……):

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Btw, many thanks to our Polish investors! At #18, we are doing quite well there, purely organically.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

These ads may fit nicely in Berlin :wink:

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Now you got us thinking :slight_smile: Germany is a very tough but important market.


I strongly agree :wink:

but seriously. the radio at work has so many repeat adverts from HL about investing and “turning your money on” (and yes that does sound sketchy and suggestive as heck) but not a single mention of the fact they charge upto £12 a transaction. even just a few ads over the radio which are rather effective and affordable in the midlands would see you taking in people that were nearly swindled into opening accounts with HL with no clue there is a better option.

^tells you the exact amount HL charges for each service, including an annual fee just for having an active ISA with them :rage: :anger:

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You should look at Czech Republic. Not a big market but most of my colleagues and previous colleagues have Revolut (not for investing but at least comfortable with money apps) and there’s no free brokers here other than T212 and Revolut for those who know…and Revolut’s is very limited with US only stocks still