macOS desktop app

As apple has added the possibility to bring iOS/iPadOS apps quicker to Mac through catalyst :
I’d love to have the iPad app on the Mac app store, because it’s just more convenient than one more website to go to, sign in, etc… :slight_smile:


too many apps and each needs to be updated separately. as I understand it, the iPad app is already behind for updates compared to the other apps and the web platform.

for now its best to wait for the team to finish rolling our their big update to the platform before worrying about the individual applications.


As a software engineer I do understand the amount of work T212 is doing recently to update their iPhone/Android/web/iPad apps… plus all the new features coming… it’s huge :exploding_head:

As client, I care 1000x more to the Web and iPad apps, so it would be really great to have the iPad version ported to macOS :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I’ve read somewhere else about the iPad app not yet having a given feature…
I guess the web app, as it’s available everywhere, should be the best ! But also, phone apps, depending on the client type, will be the one used most… Haha, iPads and Mac I guess will always be down the line… :cry: For me, the exact same iPad app ported automatically with catalyst would already be enough, as I understand it should not be any more work than checking one more box. But it might not be as I understand it at all :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Soooo, we’ll see if it gives anyone else food for thoughts :smiley:

I think in order of update progression it’s: web platform, iOS, Android, iPad

Everyone is just so hyped for the Pie that we almost want all other suggestions to pause, even if just to give the illusion it will come sooner :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well but what else have we got to do all day, at home… :sweat_smile:

I would love a macOS app. With multiple displays support!


no trading/investing experience is complete without multi-monitor support :thinking:

even if 1 of them happens to be your phone :wink:

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You can’t be logged in on both at the same time. As soon as I open iOS app, I get logged out on macOS. :cry:

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I was thinking, microHDMI! :rofl:

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This is exactly why I wouldn’t use Trading212. Their website is terrible. I don’t feel comfortable making large trades on a smartphone. I like to see as much information as possible all on the same screen at the same time. The app provides so much more information. I don’t know why they can’t do this on the website

@garywarnoc I don’t think the website is terrible. Things can be improved, but it’s not bad. I use TradingView, would love to see their charting in T212.


This feature is quite handy. It’s definitely nice to see a web app as a desktop app!

I have tried using the web version of 212 on my macbook and it drained the full battery in just over an hour. That was really disappointing!

sorry to hear that, but that sounds like an issue with your macbook.

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Agree. No problem with my MacBook Air mid-2015 on battery. Both in Safari or Chrome battery usage is a bit more, but it doesn’t drain the battery that fast.

Check the battery condition using Applications > Tools > System Information

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