IPad App update?

Hey there why is the IPad App so clumsy…?
Can we expect an update ? I feel it should be like the Iphone app…just wit a bigger screen… :wink:



Update around the corner with the new pie features.


Ohhh…lets hope…can’t wait !

Really hope it’s not too long in coming now.

I live in a remote area with patchy mobile reception, so the ipad is my main way of using T212.

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Any word on this @David

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@George was the last to mention it here as a teaser, which he seems good at :wink:

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I’d love to get an update to the iPad version, it’s high time as it’s so behind! Any news on that front?

We are definitely going to continue updating our iPad app, but currently we are focused on more pressing and requested additions and features, hence I am unable to provide you with a solid deadline.
As soon I have concrete information I will make sure to notify you of upcoming developments.

Ok, thank you for the update. It is disappointing to hear that other versions will get even more features as the iPad lags behind without basic functionality such as the highly touted pies and autoinvest. Hope this gets rectified soon. Good to hear that you plan to do so.


Joined the beta program on my ipad and can not see any changes. The app seems to be lagging behind with missing features such as pies etc. The app is built on the same framework as ios so why is the app so far behind ?

Bummer…that is bad news…

The Ipad version is really needed ! People on the go, travel etc more and more only carry an ipad. I am helping myself by using the webversion, but in order to have the good version you have to tell chrome to use the desktop page…

@Theo - Pleeeeaaaassseee push the Ipad version…
Thanks for all the good stuff u get going !



Don’t want to be dramatic, but I’m feeling like a second class citizen now that the iPad is my primary device. The features are inexplicably sparse and messy, and the solution seems so simple: just give us access to the iPhone app upscaled like many other popular apps, and then switch out for the iPad app when the development team can catch up.

I’d love an update from the dev team to see whether I should carry on waiting or try and find a broker which has a better offering for my device of choice.


Same, I don’t want T212 on my phone, love having it on my iPad, but it’s just sad how far behind that version is nowadays.


Hi @Plomps, you’re right to conclude that we’ve dedicated more effort towards our phone apps and the iPad version lacks our most recent features. We plan to do a major iPad overhaul. In the meantime may I suggest you try out our new web UI which is touch optimised. It is currently in beta and your feedback as an iPad-first user would be extremely helpful to us.

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@George the web app works on the iPad quite fine but I don’t think it can be used in the long run. Especially when working with money a native iOS app will always outperform a web app. So having a good iPad app, especially for CFD trading when you need to move fast, is a must. We need a new iPad app that offers the same experiance as the web app or iPhone app.

On the current iPad app I have managed to lose half of my CFD portfolio :scream: (luckily it was a the practice account :grimacing: … this time) just with one trade because I clicked on the wrong think at the exact wrong time and managed to buy 10,000 stock as it was drastically going down. I was so used was used to your other apps that I mad a big mistake. As it currently stands I am actively avoiding the iPad app as it does not offer a fluid workflow. And avoiding an app makes me avoid your service and that is bad for both of us :money_mouth_face:

  • If I would point to just 1 feature I would point to having the ability to jump to a chart from the open positions view.
  • If I would point to a 2nd feature I would point to having a better sidebar that would allow us to easier jump from one view to another. (and for the bigger iPad having the sidebar always visible would be very useful … or maybe having a 3 column option => even better)
  • If I would point to a 3nd feature I would point to having keyboard shortcuts
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They say use the web browser version on the ipad but when you click invest/withdrawl the popup Windows is to small making it unusable on the ipad pro.

has anyone figured out how to view a stock and its graph etc on the ipad, without having to watch it first?

It seems like I can only put something into a watch list, and then find that list and click the stock to view it. I cannot simply search for a stock and view it straight away, like the phone apps?

No and I agree, it’s annoying.


I’ve just downloaded the app on my iPad and have to admit I’ll be going back to using my android phone, a bit disappointing if I’m honest


I think we all have this feeling. The website on iPad works better then the app itself. The only problem is that the website tends to crash sometimes