Maintaining a position running at a loss?


I have been investing for 3/4 months on the ISA account and usually when I need to sell something the full amount goes into my free funds.

But last week I sold a share for £71 and received £60 in my free funds. I emailed and the customer support said some of the funds went into ‘maintaining another stock that was running at a loss’.

I don’t really understand this term as do I not own the full share? What does it mean maintaining?

I asked some other traders and they said I should not have lost any money as stocks can’t lose more than I have put in, in a S & S ISA?

I did have a stop loss on the ‘stock that was maintained’ and it was $2 above it, not sure if that affects it

@SharadR Everything looks okay with your current account balance. Adding up deposits, dividends & closed positions result gives you the exact figure that you currently have.

I’ll send you a more detailed calculation in your private messages.

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Thanks David,

I guess the main question is that in my order history it says Total - £71 on the receipt of the sold share. So how come I only got £60 to withdraw in free funds?

Please can you assist with an explanation of this.