Profit taking query


I have seen this discussed on other threads but have not seen a clear answer.

Is there anyway to take profit from your long term investments in your ISA without having to sell your initial investment?

Yes after buying say 100 shares, you want to sell half to take profit, then hit sell choose market or limit sell and enter 50 shares and confirm.

You’ll then have 50 shares remaining once the order executes.

You can only go long in ISA/Invest so you can only sell what you have bought with your own funds.

It’s all aggregated in ISA/Invest so say you buy 1000 and then buy 500, you’ll have a long position with 1500 total, if you then sell 200, you’ll have 1300 left etc

Thanks @phildawson for the response.

I understand that but just feel you should be able to take your profits from your long position without having to sell your initial investment to realise your profits.

It is much easier to lose money in the market especially when a lot of action takes place out of hours and we don’t have access to this at the moment and we can take huge losses without being able to take action.

Sell the entire position to take all your profits. Sell a bit of your position to take a bit of your profits.

How can you take profits without selling at least some of your initial purchase? If you’re up on an investment you can’t get the cash from it without selling some. Or have I misunderstood?

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:thinking: You’ve got to sell shares to realise your profits. :sweat_smile:

As I said the shares are aggregated so if you bought 1000 shares initially at 1p, and then later bought 500 shares in a second buy at 1.2p, you would have 1500 total at an avg of 1.0667p per share.

If the bid is 2p a share, you then decide how many of those 1500 you want to sell.

Say 500 giving you £10, and it cost you £5.33, so you’ll have made £4.67 in profit.

You would then still have 1000 remaining.

Yes I understand @Rasputin you are correct

Yes makes total sense maybe I am just thinking to simply