Make price alert messages clickable

Would it be possible to make price alert messages clickable?

So that when you click them it will open the chart for the company.

At the moment, speaking about desktop as i don’t use mobile, when a price alert is triggered we get a message, but only the ticker is shown.

Often i can’t figure out which company the ticker relates to.

This is related to this topic i posted a bit ago regarding how you can’t search by ticker symbol, and the poor state of search functionality in general.

Either that or state the company name along with the ticker.



Thanks, @MaxZorin - for another great suggestion. I’ve forwarded this along to the team, and I’ll let you know once I’ve got an update :pray:

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Yes, omg, please, make this happen, I can’t recall how many times this pissed me off, and I remember it used to work at some point in the far past…

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