Price alert stock list view

It would be great to have a screen which shows a list of all the stocks we have price alerts on, what the price alert is set at, and what the current price of the stock is. It would also allow us to track and manage price alerts more easily.


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Тhanks for sharing, @MaxZorin ! We’re already working in a similar direction and you’ll soon be able to see all price alerts grouped by company along with the current price.

In the meantime, however, you can access all pending price alerts from the More menu > Price alerts.

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Is that for the mobile app? I’m on desktop and can’t seem to find it.


Hey, @MaxZorin - yes, I was referring to the mobile app, but since you’re on a desktop, you can find the alerts as per the screenshots below:

  • Advanced view :point_down:


  • Standard view :point_down:

Tap on your portfolio > select one of your holdings and the price alert(s) will be visible in the bottom right corner of your screen under the “Your investment” section.

Hey @B.E

This is all i see in the standard view.

My fault. You have to select a stock with a price already set, or else set one, in order to get the price alerts button. :+1:

Any way look forward to the new price alert list feature when it arrives.

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