Manipulating the Advanced chart vertical scale


How can I control the vertical zoom? Desktop, Windows 10, Firefox.
The BOT seems to think there are two or three settings, including a chart reset but I don’t see any.
The screens must have changed a lot, BOTty gets a lot wrong.

I found a partial answer: click yer mouse on the scale itself, and drag up or down. That doesn’t shift the scale, it zooms it. Unfortunately there’s no way to fix the scale. I think.

The scale BAR, the thing you get from the bottom option under the cog, has a number by it, which is a multiple of the least significant digit of the share price. That could be 0.1, 0.01 0.001, etc, £ pence or $ dollars. Not very useful really.
(Nothing to do with pips, which are percentage related,)


The bot is still learning, yet here’s what may help:

  1. Select any instrument on the platform;
  2. Select the advanced chart in the bottom right corner;
  3. On the top left, you should see a “+” and a “-”. You can use those two controls to adjust the chart size to your liking.

Also, you can “reset the chart” from this option below:

DM me if any questions persist :pray:

Thanks B.E.
But that’s a workaround for a BUG!
Having to use a zoom control because shift sideways controls get stuck then don’t work properly!

Your screen clip shows another “Why do they do that” - price ticks on the axis of , errm, 0.45. Why not use 0.5? 13.50 , 14.00 , 14.50 , …

I’ll run your feedback past the team, and we’ll evaluate whether we can alter both of those behaviours down the road. I’ll keep you posted!