Understanding Max chart RightMove

Please can someone tell me why on max settings trading212 shows Rightmove in the thousands in 2018 yet this isn’t the case on Google??

Increased the number of available shares so they gave out ten shares for every 1 to existing shareholders and reduced value each one is worth by a tenth. So no change basically, the chart hasn’t been adjusted to take this into account but the line would continue as normal ~p4900 > ~p490

The ~p690 to p400 was Covid-19 killing the housing market.

Looks likes gone ~p400 to ~p500 already. Pretty decent buy imo.

I thought this was case share dilution

Not a dilution though, as it doesn’t dilute it’s just a stock split. As in the shares are still worth the same amount its just changing the market price of individual share.

So if you had 1 share worth £100, and someone said give me that 1 share and you can have 10 at £10 you still have £100 worth just that you are holding ten shares to play with, and if you want to buy anymore it’ll be £10 a pop.

A dilution would be if you had 1 share worth £100 and theres 1000 total shares so £100,000. Someone goes right we now have an extra 1000 shares (2000 in total) but its still worth £100,000, that would mean your £100 would be halved in value. :grimacing: That would piss everyone off.

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Ok thanks phil i get what your saying.