Margin on Invest accounts

Are there any plans to introduce margin/leverage on Invest accounts?


Potential New Feature:

Being able to borrow on margin in the Invest account.
Essentially levering up the account to boost returns.
Degiro offers this

Only for Advanced Users and not beginners


What’s the difference between this and CFD?

Not having to deal with spread mark-up.
Owning the actual shares rather than a contract based on their value.


I can lever up the account to the extent with which I feel comfortable instead of being based on the product (derivative).
Like instead of levering AAPL up to 1:5, which is what the CFD Account offers, I can simply take a 20% leverage on my whole account, buying whatever stocks I want worth £120, with £100 upfront, and go ahead with that.

Sort of gearing the whole portfolio, up 10-20-30%

This feature and being able to transfer stocks here are the reasons I’m still using degiro as my main broker instead of trading212.
Please add this :slightly_smiling_face: