Merger or wind down uk small companies

Even if this company decides on a merger there will be an option for cash.
Presently on a 9% discount. So a little money to be made. Plus the dividend while you wait (about 3.5%). This equity trust so if it goes for wind down it will be relatively short.

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Today I will be looking for small investment trusts.
Aim is to find ones
on high discount
High dividend
Small 50 to 100 million.
The dividend will be enough to keep me happy until they merge or wind down.
Wind down should result in return at NAV.
Merger normally offers cash at NAV minus dealing cost but not always charge for dealing costs.
Debt sector an obvious place to look as probable increase in dividends due to increased interest rates.
Note dividend increase share price has already moved in advance of notification.

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It’s not my cup of tea but could NBMI fit the bill? I think it has plans to wind down.

It’s bigger at £160m, doesn’t have the widest discount (-8%), but it yields 8% and pays monthly.

Its share price return lags the AIC loans and bonds sector.

This link might help.

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Where have you read this?
Anyway spotted one TENT
Alas its a new investment trust so doubt it will “fall” any time soon.
30% discount
71 million market cap
7.9% dividend
51% dividends paid as streamed interest.
May have to buy on Hargreaves Lansdown. As can’t set up account till passport arrives.
Or set an alert so i don’t miss it rising.
Its problem was it has taken a very long time to invest all the money from the IPO.

Ha I was about to say I think* its way underrated. Its two main fields are hydro power which they have a decent track record with, and BESS. Hydro has a government backed inflation linked incentive, and with energy prices as they are, I think it will correct as they start to build a good track record.

They see 600m of potential future ventures, so if/when it does, there might be a further raise.

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They wont be getting 600m from the market unless they can sort out there discount.
A helluva way to go!

Excellent link. Not sure why i have never spotted it before. I spend enough time on the site

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Yep looks like a share price jump when it was announced. Odd how that happens in some cases but not others?