Minimum sell price for stoch i am willing to accept

hi a bit confused regarding selling at a reserved/minimum price for my stocks,like if i go to the tab limit, where it says to set the minimum price you are willing to accept, it allows to set quantity of shares but how do i set the price?

checking you have seen this:

on the limit screen box are all the sections you need to fill before pressing review order, the share count is at the top, the price you want a little further down (directly underneath the message telling you to choose your minimum price), the period the order should last at the bottom (end of day/ GTC) then the review order button. depending on your device and screen you may need to scroll to see all the options before you hit review.

note: despite popular rumours, setting a pending order does not stop your shares from being lent out if this is your concern, you just end up risking selling your shares if you choose a price that is ultimately met in the market.

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Sorry did not realize to scroll down lol.

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It happens. I kept forgetting to do so as well so my orders kept cancelling at market close :joy: finally remembered to click gtc.