Minimum Trade Quantity on Some CFD instruments

I wanted to know, is there a particular reason FRAS has a minimum trading quantity of 10 units when trading on CFD, but a minimum of 0.1 on the investment side.

There are a few other UK stocks that I have in my portfolio that I hold long-term, but also trade using CFDs. I was just wondering why they have a minimum trading quantity of 10 rather than 1, or even fractional like its invest counter part?

Welcome to the Community, @shaynear :pray:

The quantities are subject to review, so if you’re referring to a specific instrument, let me know, and we’ll have a look.

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Hiya @Bogi.H, thanks for welcoming me. I’ve been using the platform for over a year, but never ventured into the community section. So many thanks.

The main stocks I was referring to are as listed (Only one was UK my apologies):

Frasers Group (FRAS) min = 10
E.ON (EOAN) min = 10
Ford (FORD) min = 30

Thank you for taking the time to hear my request. I really do appreciate that.

We’ve just reduced the trading quantities for those instruments, so the minimum is now 1 unit :ok_hand:

Wow, I’ve wish I had said something earlier. Thank you so much @Bogi.H, I appreciate your swiftness.

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