Minimum Trading Quantity 2

I noticed a few of the US shares have a minimum trading quantity of 2.

AKAM (Akamai Technologies)
SYNA (Synaptics)
WDC (Western Digital)

Is this correct? Is it possible to add support for fractional shares?

@cosmic90 All of them are available in fractional shares now.


@David Any chance HP and AIG could be done as well?

Can you pls also do 1. FIVE9 (FIVN)
2. Datadog (DDOG)
3. Livingo (LVGO)
4. Talend (TLND)
All of them currently have min 2 quantity and will be great if they can be fractional please.

@David Any chance to do Qorvo (QRVO), Puma (PUM) as well please?
Thank you in advance

I’ll tack on Assurant for lower share requirements also :wink: great company that has been staying in business throughout the lockdown to make sure people can keep in touch with family and friends.

Just adding a few more I’m interested in, if you would be so kind.

KLA Corporation (KLAC)
Lam Research (LRCX)

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@David did you have a chance to look at these? some are priced high so fractional would be really helpful.

Also activision blizzard is min 2 could do with being fractional also please

ServiceNow’s another with a two minimum and a high unit cost, which would be nice to have fractional.

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Expedia (EXPE) as well please