Mining & Natural Resource Stocks

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I know when you are looking for stocks that are profitable as investments, you generally can look at stocks with high Operating Margin and Free Cash flow initially on a screener. Then you would need to do more research into the company, looking at the Annual Reports.

I kindly wondered please if anyone knows how to evaluate a mining or natural resource company that is not profitable please? Obviously you would not be able to look for metrics such as high Operating Margin, as the company would not be profitable and how you can work out the potential profitability of some of these mining operations please? If anyone had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful it would be highly appreciated.

Lastly can i please ask if anyone knows any websites for Mining stocks, that lists stocks for instance in 2024 that could potentially have mining development projects starting with the potential for creating profits please? A bit like a calendar for exciting developments for mining stocks in the year ahead please? If anyone could kindly help with this it would mean the world to me and it would be very much appreciated.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly hope you generate massive success with your investing. Hope you continue to have a wonderful life. Very best wishes and enjoy your week.

You have to look at the Feasibility Studies for the economics of the project and figures like IRR and NPV plus consider country risk etc.
Take KDNC as an example that I own shares in. It has 33.6% ownership of an Iron Ore project (plus other assets) the net present value (NPV) is $949m on that so 33% of that is $318m that is the theoretical value of the project at a given iron ore price and includes the cost to build the mine. When you consider that KDNC market cap is ยฃ10m then you can see there is a potential opportunity there for substantial returns to be made if all goes well.

I would look at research reports on the project you are interested in also