New - Cheap stock

I was just wondering if anywhere on here can show us new stocks added that are on the cheaper side that can be researched for future potential?

I have a few in my portfolio looking for these stocks for the future.


Powerhouse energy is a pretty cheap one with great potential. A Uk one also


Bushveld Minerals was added recently - has good potential, trading cheap.

I have posted a few notes on them before here if anyone wants to see.


One thing to point out: just because the unit cost is relatively low, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a stock is ‘cheap’. It seems to be a worryingly common misconception.

For example, which is more valuable a pizza divvied up into 100 pieces or five? It’s not the size of the slices that matters, but the overall value.

As another example, if Amazon was trading at $1,000 a share you could say that was uber cheap given the 52-week low of about $1,600. Similarly, a stock could trade for 13p and be expensive.


I did not realise that it had been added @Donald_Duck!
I recently bought it on FT (non-ISA) because it was not available here. The last batch was only 2 or 3 days ago :man_facepalming:.
I will probably sell it and buy some on here.

How did you realise it had been added?

To know if a stock is “cheap” you have to at least do a Free Cash Flow Evaluation or use another method to get the “fair value” of a share.

Maybe looking to the past years performance and comparing to the sector performance and its peers… can give somehow an overview as well, but not that “accurate”.


Hey I’ve had my little dabble and profit in there for now :crazy_face:

@Donald_Duck I’ll have to have a look at this one! Thank you…

I might try have a go at an analysis on 2 of my investments later see how it goes also.

I do a lot of research on different stocks, it’s just hard trying to reduce a list of 400 of them to a few takes a long time… just asking if anyone had any other idea of companies that are a little lower on price. Looking into future energy more than anything at the moment.

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Check out powerhouse energy it’s right up that street your searching

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Where are your notes on this stock mate? Interesting to look at…

I didn’t take notes as such just mental ones (as most of mine are lol)

I was researching here when I came across is


Nel, ASA (D7G), also in the hydrogen business and did/does business with Nikola


Might have chased up a staff member yesterday :wink:


Glad it worked, I got my first few shares :slight_smile:.

Also, if it was yesterday then it still was not available on the day that I last made a purchase on FT.

Are you still very optimistic on Bushveld?

How would you compare it your other “Speculative” stocks? I have read articles/posts from you on Pan African Resources, Amur Minerals, Greatland Gold… Maybe a few others also, but these come to my mind.
Maybe also Kodal, Kefi, Bacanora? I am not too sure as to whether you also invested in these.

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Yes, long term, hold your nose, could be rocky but they should have a part to play in the energy storage future.

Bacanora - yes but less so, they’ve got everything in place to make a success of themselves…but they could run out of money like Nemaska.

Kodal Kefi - I don’t know too much about, I’m still meaning to look properly at some point. If I was to rank a top 3 out of them all:

  1. Greatland Gold
  2. Bushveld Minerals
  3. Bacanora Lithium

There’s no speculation with Pan Afr - they’re a great mid tier miner, under the radar paying a sustainable, well covered dividend.


Greatland Gold look exciting!


I’ve been looking to invest in mines in Australia having lived out there (in the outback near Fitzroy crossing, mine central) for many years and have friends who work in the mines for big bucks…Roy Hill to name but one but that’s not on the stock list as I guess they don’t have headquarters over in the UK?
This looks huge with the current projects in WA and the Havieron and the discovery of gold-copper.
Any other good recommendations of mines in AU?

Ask for the stocks in question to be added maybe?

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I just played around with Greatlands Gold and Powerhouse in the new PIE platform (and card factory for fun ignore that) but with £100 a month deposit for 22 years my return is over 90%. I could be a trillionaire! :scream:

I never thought to ask as it’s AU based I didn’t know they’d be able to add it. I guess I can ask and see, thanks

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Add Indivior in also :rocket: