Unilever Q2 dividends - ✅ Distributed

Hi T212 -

Unilever (ULVR) went ex-div for Q2 on the 6th August and shows a pay date of 9th September. I’ve received some dividends in the meantime for other holdings, but seem to be missing the ULVR ones.

Are they being processed or is there an issue you are aware of?

Many thanks :+1:

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Rule of thumb is wait 7 working days and then if there’s still nothing then you can ask :raised_hands:


Personal rule of tumb, forget individual dividends, just let them drip in pie. Always get surprised in mornings with new notifications. :slight_smile:


Yep same here. still no payment. All a few other accounts, not paid either.

I’ve not received this one yet. Could be an issue with Unilever, as have received other dividends.


Maybe they don’t like you and you won’t get any dividend :clown_face:

Today I’ve received dividends from MCD, O, PBA & STAG, they all went ex-dividend 4-5 days after Unilever, but still not dividend for Unilever.
T212 any comment/update please? A continued lack of response doesn’t inspire confidence in your platform.

It’s usually not their fault. As stated dividends are usually delivered within three working days except for rare cases. Trading 212 distribute them quickly after they receive them


I understand that, then just simply put out a comment on the forum, isn’t that’s what it’s for?

And it’s Unilever, a FTSE 100 multi-national giant, not an AIM listed company.

HI @Team212 Is there an issue with Unilever.dividend distribution. Many thanks

It’s came in now :partying_face:
Patience is key


Yup, got mine this morning. Don’t know what the fuss is about.

Mountains were shaking, behold the Mice :mouse:

I have no idea what that even means :joy:

But I see so many people panic about late dividends. I’ve never had T212 not pay, maybe pay late but as long as it pays then why worry? 🤷


Its etymology is like this:

Once a volcanic mountain started roaring, hissing, and bursting bubbles. The people were waiting to see what would happen after all those huge roarings and loud booms. Finally, the volcano activity stopped and the people saw just a tiny mouse came out of there! (rather than a monster that was expected to come). So they said mockingly:

" Heh! After all those huge roarings, the (big) mountain just gave birth to a (tiny) mouse!"


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Aha, yes so similar to the making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, yes.

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