Mobile app Black theme πŸ‘€

Now this looks brilliant


How? :hot_face: mines still grey

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So more environmentally friendly not having to have as much screen lit up right?

More people think about it from the perspective of battery life and lowering eye strain
Edit: also looks much cooler

Well same thing :upside_down_face: 20 Characters.

yo, when did this happen? what version are you on mate? beta?

I first noticed it yesterday. Yes I’m using the android beta version.

mine says black in the theme selection but is still grey :man_shrugging:t2:

not on beta though


The new version update 5.24.0 Android is released and live in the stores. It includes a third theme, and now the themes are Light, Dark and Navy. It would take time until the update is equally distributed.


There is any updated tablet version for Android OS?

The tablet version of the platform is available only for iOS.

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i knew i was colour blind, it’s navy, not grey :face_with_hand_over_mouth::eyes:

This is literally my favourite update there has beenπŸ˜….maybe the only thing I could suggest is if the search bar could maybe be made dark to make it blend in and be more hidden/sleek.


Wait wait wait… Android gets new features before iOS :face_with_monocle: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can’t wait for the iOS update!

It’s now available on iOS if you install the latest update! :ok_hand:


New black theme is great but seems to be this weird bug where all my holdings are displayed in this odd red colour? Hopefully a bug that can be fixed quickly

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I really love the new dark mode.

Superb job from the 212 team. Lately they’ve been on a real roll haven’t they.

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The app store still says last update apr 22nd

Just updated, finally utilizing iPhone’s OLED screen! :heart_eyes: