Money lost due to position not opening

I had a position open over the weekend and wanted to close this position when it opened at 11pm on Sunday evening. When trying to close the position it would say “Please try again later” it was around 8h until it would open. The price had drastically reduced by that time.

I assume there is no recourse as its part of the T&C’s for T212?

are we talking about the VIX that you made a thread for twice before, after holding it for 2 months?

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No comment! However if I mention anything personal the threads get closed.
So it’s more just generally I am interested to know about.

if you are getting error messages and codes and stuff then best reaching out via the support tickets as it’s the official route to getting an informed answer. how these errors are handled differs greatly based on the circumstances and nobody here in the forums can really give you proper support which is probably why threads were closed for being too personal account related.

Ah interesting! I assume there would be some sort of precedent set in these situations! Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I have had confirmation now from the Customer Support confirming the T&Cs that they will close and block positions when things are very volatile. Not exactly ideal when you’re backing the VIX ha!

Taken from the T&Cs I signed. So I can have no complaints about it “not being fair” However I did miss out on a very large sum due to this situation. Sadly.

" Liquidity Risk
Under certain circumstances, it may not be possible to close a part of or a whole position at the current price or at all. Trading 212 UK Ltd. is not obligated to provide quotes for any CFD at any time, and Trading 212 UK Ltd. does not guarantee the continuous availability of quotations or trading for any CFD. Trading 212 UK Ltd. may in its sole discretion cease quoting CFDs and/or cease entering new CFD or Shares transactions at any time based on lack of market data, halts or suspensions or errors or illiquidity or volatility in the market for the Underlying product, or Trading 212 UK Ltd.'s own risk or profit parameters, technical errors, communication problems, market or political or economic or governmental events, Acts of God or Nature, or for other reasons."

honestly I wish liquidity was the cause of some of my positions sitting in the red :sweat: Covid just won’t disappear fast enough…

good luck with the VIX if you continue to follow it.

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