Money not appearing in my account


So, I had a position open but didn’t manage to close it before market close on Friday, it ended up going really bad and spiked the other way (I should of bought not sold) anyway…

I thought you couldn’t have a negative balance but I’ve now tried depositing a few times with both PayPal and my Debit Card and also transferring from my ISA.

However, 24 hours have passed and still none of the funds are showing on my CFD account?

Do I owe trading 212 money?


T212 closes your positions, in order to prevent a negative balance.

I’ve found debit card deposits to be instantaneous. Have you had a look at the ‘Transactions’ tab, in your account history?

That’s what I thought.

Yeah I have, they all show there and also say’s they have been successful on my emails.

Every other deposit before this has been instant like you said.

Thank you

Just giving this a little bump as it’s pretty urgent and I don’t know how long till I get a reply from the ticket I sent.

@Team212 @David
Any chance you could look into this for this chap? Thanks.

Appreciate that mate :slight_smile:

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Just another little bump, sorry

@Myers95 There’s negative balance protection, it’s impossible to end up owing money to Trading 212. I can see the funds are in your account now.

That’s correct!

What did you do lol, no way it’s just a coincidence

Anyway, thank you

Unfortunately, have to report that this error has happened again.

Hope I’m not waiting nearly 2 days for this to get sorted again