Money Protection Question

I know that your money is protected up to a value of £85000 but is this in total or is it £85000 per ISA and Invest Account.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is per firm, so it will be £85,000 in total, regardless of how many accounts you have with them.

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Thank you, assumed as much.

FSCS can pay for financial loss if a firm is unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims against it. The following limits apply: Deposits: £ 85,000 per person per authorised deposit.

It means I’ll only be covered for my deposit Value not the gains or portfolio value. :confounded:

What you mentioned is for bank deposits. Investments are £85,000 per person per firm - so your portfolio is covered as well.


This isn’t actually the case.

On a daily basis we calculate the total client money +/- running p&l +/- realised p&l. This is placed into a segregated client money account. If we were to go under, this money would be protected leaving FSCS to cover any shortfall up to £85k. It’s based on account value rather than deposits.


Thanks for the clarification @NickS