Money Protection Question

I know that your money is protected up to a value of £85000 but is this in total or is it £85000 per ISA and Invest Account.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is per firm, so it will be £85,000 in total, regardless of how many accounts you have with them.

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Thank you, assumed as much.

FSCS can pay for financial loss if a firm is unable, or likely to be unable, to pay claims against it. The following limits apply: Deposits: £ 85,000 per person per authorised deposit.

It means I’ll only be covered for my deposit Value not the gains or portfolio value. :confounded:

What you mentioned is for bank deposits. Investments are £85,000 per person per firm - so your portfolio is covered as well.


This isn’t actually the case.

On a daily basis we calculate the total client money +/- running p&l +/- realised p&l. This is placed into a segregated client money account. If we were to go under, this money would be protected leaving FSCS to cover any shortfall up to £85k. It’s based on account value rather than deposits.


Thanks for the clarification @anon86329651

Hi guys,

Is this 85,000£ for UK costumers only or all EU citizens?

If It’s for all EU citizens, will brexit change this?

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Did you get a reply?

FSCS covers all clients, irrespective of nationality or location. It is only for cash balances, not for investments. Read here

Thank you for your reply!
What is still not clear is if we, EEA residents, will be liable for fees and/or taxes on deposits and withdrawals from the UK.
I am a resident of Italy- I already pay too much tax!
Thank you!

There are no fees for deposit or withdrawal of funds, except those that might be imposed by your own bank, and a 0.7% charge if you deposit by credit card.