FSCS Protection deposit or share value?

I see 212 is regulated by the FCA and are money is protected by the FSCS and is protected up to £85k but is that money based on the value of are holdings or only deposits?

So if I had deposited 20k it goes up to 30k and 212 go bust and for whatever reason don’t pay are money Will the FSCS compensate me 20 or 30k?

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You are best looking at the source of truth for the answer:

The short answer should be that if any firm regulated by the FCA to offer financial services to UK customers found itself to be in difficulty, your assets should be protected up to 85k, and it would be the value of the units/stocks you held, not your book cost.

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@Team212 can you please answer this question ? I will try to give even more detailed example than Dleahy98:

Let’s say we have account in the following state

Account type: invest
Total Deposits: 20k
Account value: 35k
Free funds: 5k
Portfolio: 30k (invested: 15k, return: 15k)

In the unlikely event of Trading 212 insolvency what will happen with this account. What compensation he will get from FSCS ?

I have tried to find answer in the terms & conditions and on your website but without any success.


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The client’s assets, registered under Trading 212 UK Ltd, are covered by the FSCS with up to £85 000. There is a piece of additional information in the article here from our Help Centre.

Also, we’ve discussed the possible outcomes in case of any unlikely events in the thread below: :point_down:

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