More Dividend Related Features

Is there somewhere a tool where I can see all dividend news regarding my watchlist/portfolio?

I have a lot of positions and I can’t keep check all of them individually if they still pay dividend/increased it/decreased it. Maybe that would also be a nice feature at trading 212 to add (and as you mentioned, the next payment date and a dividend calendar)

Div tracker has a calendar

a dividend changes section

and a portfolio news section

So I think those cover everything you’re asking for, and there’s much more in the app


Still waiting on my BBOX Dividend. :frowning:

Pay date isn’t until the 13th according to this


Would be really, really nice with a update like this. @David Something in the future plans?


looks good mate will get the app been looking for something
like this for ages

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Still needed in 2021, especially the upcoming dividends calendar!


I really should just build this. It’s not that hard. You could upload your transactions that you download from the T212 site in CSV and I could map them against passed and future payments… D’oh… It’s not even that complicated… I’m just a little lazy


So you could build an online forecast yield of sorts - that would be helpful!

@Finki Do it do it!

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I mean, why not, yes. Upload your portfolio. It’ll extract transactions, work out current and historic positions, verify historic dividends have been paid, show disclosed upcoming, calculate historic yields and therefore (approximately) be able to calculate forecast yields (with a degree of estimation)… it really isnt that hard… I’d need about 2 days to build a basic version I reckon

But my history with this sort of this sort of thing is : 5 people are super keen and use it, 2 or 3 intermittently and 1000 say yes build it and then never use it.


I do the “calendar” thing with google docs, some video previews in this post :stuck_out_tongue: