More Dividend Related Features

I am really enjoying the new information about the companies, really makes it easier for me on a phone from having to close the app and google everything, just for the app to close in the background!
Anyway, with all this added information, it really opens up many new opportunities, and as primarily a dividend investor, I see some simple yet helpful tools.

  1. A current yield on cost number. Simply take the dividend per share and divide it by the cost basis. This would be nice in the “Your investment” section of each stock.
  2. An average % yield on the portfolio section.
  3. A total dividend return with each stock and in the portfolio, which changes based on the time-frame selected (1D, 1W ect…).
  4. A dividend calendar, to make it easy to track when dividend payments are being made and the amount being paid to you. Using other websites for this is annoying as you either have to manually enter all the information about your portfolio and keep it updated (and they usually charge a fee), or search through huge lists of every single company.
    I understand no.4 is likely a difficult one to implement, however 1-3 are very useful and the information is already available in the app for it. Thanks for all the good work you all do.
    Many thanks,

I was thinking the exact same thing a minute ago! Seconded


These could be perfect features once the pie management comes out with DRIP, sooner the better


@Renekris yes can’t wait for this feature! I’m sure these updates can be a fairly quick add on, maybe could come out before this major update. Speaking of which, any idea when beta will get access to the new update? I’m guessing near the end of the month

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nice suggestions, agree with all of them


I back this suggestion. Really looking forward to seeing more detail and data added to the mobile and web apps.


Could we also provide more details when receiving the dividend payment such as the tax rate from foreign countries, and the currency exchange rate

It would be nice in the future to have an option to automatically pay dividends received into your linked bank account.