Few ideas in one

Hey everyone, first post lol. Only created this account because Reddit suggested this is the best place to post it. I have a few suggestions hence the ambiguous title, but I thought listing them all in one post is better than spamming. Apologies if some of these are reposts of existing requests but I looked at the upcoming features but these don’t seem to be there. It’s a long list, so here goes:

  1. Portfolio breakdown by sector - would actually be a game-changer rather than me having to figure it out individually. Stock %s help but would be nice to know how diversified I am across different sectors at a glance!

  2. M1 finance has this feature I think but it would be great if we could see returns on one particular day as opposed to all-time returns (for our portfolio). Currently, I can see how the stock has done but only by going on the actual stock. There’s no way to see big movements “at a glance”. To work around this, I’ve set up a watchlist for my portfolio which lets me glance today’s performance for everything I hold. It would be nice to be able to have this feature embedded within the actual portfolio and change from day view to week, month etc. I’m not sure this made sense but happy to clarify. Currently the watchlist can only have 40 holdings which prompted me to write this as my portfolio has over this amount lol.

  3. Another portfolio suggestion lol. It would be great if we could sort our portfolio by highest gains, highest stake etc. The web app allows you to do this but not the mobile one.

  4. For the history tab, it would be nice if we could see particular time periods as opposed to the entire history. Similarly, it would be helpful to just see the sold transactions through a filter as I can see my capital gains and losses individually and not just a total.

I think that covers everything. Sorry for the bad explanation but hopefully these get picked up. I moved from freetrade recently because 212 offered a lot more at this moment but it would be great to see some of these changes in order to keep up with the competition!


Great suggestions and ideas :slight_smile: thank you and welcome to the community forum

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I particularly like suggestion 2. I do the same as you with a watchlist, but this is inconvenient.

The holdings list of a pie should also be capable of showing day changes, so I can easily see where I might like to invest by custom amounts.

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I’ve been making do with this but it only let’s me add 40 per watchlist! I think I over-diversified with 40+ but better safe than sorry

These are excellent and I too look forward to seeing them on the platform. However, I think the team already have a lot on their plate and in the short time I’ve been using T 212 (just under a year) they have done wonders and improved it so much. With the rate of growth they are experiencing I think they need to proceed with caution otherwise they will end up with blackouts like Robinhood. I am sure by the end of this year the platform will be miles ahead and possibly trouncing Hargreaves and Landsdown, AJ Bell, IG and the rest.

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Oh and the best bit is the team listens to our ideas and implement them so let’s keep them coming :+1:t5:

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Yeah definitely, I was just wondering whether it was on the roadmap as I haven’t found anything to indicate it