Multiple brokers

Hi guys am I right iin thinking you can have multiple brokers for example trading 212 and freetrade as long as the second one is started in a different tax year for example 2013 and 2014?

I think you might be confusing ISA rules. You can only invest new money into one of each type of ISA each tax year.

You can have multiple General Investment Accounts with different brokers, and not pay tax until you realise more than 12.3k in capital gains each year.

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Hi so you can only have one isa overall?

You can have multiple ISAs.

You’re probably best reading this thread:

You can only pay into 1 ISA per tax year but you could have multiple non-ISAs and pay in each month

Not true - you can pay into more than one ISA provided they are different types of ISA eg a cash ISA and stocks & shared ISA.

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Guessing OP isn’t asking about cash ISAs paying basically no interest

Big fan of the S&S LISA. Don’t use all £20K in the S&S ISA imo.