N/A - Missing Information on T212 platform

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I have several stocks that is lacking information on T212 web platform, appearing as “N/A”, for several days/weeks, even during trading hours:

The Daily change:


The Stats:


So far I noticed:
DE0007037129 - RWE AG
IE00BNC17X36 - Fusion Fuel Green plc - A

Also NIO Inc (US62914V1061) had that problem in the past, but now it seems OK.

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The data might appear as “N/A” for new instruments or if there are few quotes throughout the trading session. The stats of RWE AG & Fusion Fuel Green Plc are now updated. Nevertheless, if you encounter any missing stats, feel free to share them below. :point_down:

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Thanks, @Bogi.H .

The following stock continue with the N/A in previous mentioned fields. (This stock had several decades of history of being a listed company, it’s a large cap company and with a daily average of 2.2 millions stocks on the last 3 months.)

  • DE0007037129 - RWE AG

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Let me DM you so we can check that further.