NASDAQ: OPES please?

Any chance we can add this one?


yes please, that would be awesome!

Yes can we please have this.

Yes, please. Really want to buy this stock. Great potential. Please add

Yes. COuld you please add this. already missed out on a couple of great opportunities @David

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Definitely this, and other spacs👍

Will we be able to get in before it pops to $15 lol


+1 for this request please.

Request for OPES ticker to be added


@Martin @PeterA @David once again time sensitive SPAC. Would be great if you guys could add it, before it spikes

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@David? please can you look into this

Could you please add OPES as well @David. thanks.

@George @David @Martin @PeterA

would love for $OPES to be added @David @George @Martin @PeterA

I hope we get this one and GPAQ soon!

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Request Opes Acquisition Corp OPES

Would also like for this to be added thanks

@George @David @Martin @PeterA @Team212

Hi guys this one is really time sensitive :+1:

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Another request for $OPES please and another vote for $GPAQ too


+1 for OPES please. :+1: