Neophotonics NPTN

Please add Neophotonics NPTN

(Apologies, please move to the relevant thread)

It’s fine where it is @jkforde - not all requests need to be added to that big thread. It’s better that they have their own post I’d say.

Is this a request to be added to the EUR platform?

hi Joey, thanks for the quick reply! yes, I’ve just opened a EUR account, and dipping my toes, if that’s what you mean.

@Bogi.H @Y.M - can either of you advise if there is a specific thread to add Europe Platform stock requests or if these individual posts are enough please? Thanks!

Hey, @Joey_Fantana

We make sure to follow this topic on a daily basis and closely monitor all the client’s requests.

At the moment, there is no separate thread for the EU platform.

You can keep sharing your suggestions as per usual with regular posts.:v:

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