Stock request... NAK

Please add, felling good about this one


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Yes please add this before friday , its important.

Amazing potential let’s hope they add this quickly

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Yes I hope they listen to us this one time!

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There was so.much money to be made in this, already up 20% and it will keep going. Please add it soom

it will keep going up for a while.
It’s not the first entry that I miss because of the same issue.
Getting a bit disappointed :confused:

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I would also like this stock please

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Yeah , I will switch apps verry soon , i missed so manny early plays because i never find any stock I want

Before they used to add our requests now they dont care

Same here… but in Europe we don’t have much to choose but there is a few. are you based in Europe also ?

Yes I am , i know what you are saying

yep… I’ve heard of tradezero I haven’t had the time to check it but will do when I have some free time