New Account type: Lifetime ISA

It would be an amazing if Trading 212 could offer a Lifetime ISA. Currently the only offerings for LISA’s are brokers with high commissions on top of platform charges.


+1 for a stocks and shares LISA.

Mine is currently with Nutmeg :peanuts: and I’m certain I could manage it better than they do and outperform them


+1 Its high time to add LISA on Trading 212


LISA gets my support too


:wave::crossed_fingers: big yes from me.

Have a S&S ISA as well as LISA with Moneybox. The fund managers commission are a piss take and rather run self-managed and outperform them.

Hopefully they are merely a placeholder and as soon as T212 provide, will consolidate into them.

@Penguin I see huge traction and demand on the community for this going back almost 2 years. Where does it stand on the delivery roadmap?

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Hargreaves Lansdown is the better choice over moneybox. I love the friendliness of the moneybox app, but HL has lower fees and is much more established. But HL does charge a lot for buying individual shares but is free for funds. That’s why I use it for funds and use Trading 212 for individual stocks! Can’t wait for the LISA to come here!

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I have a LISA with Nottingham Building Society that isn’t stocks and shares. Would this be eligible to move to Trading 212, when they eventually offer one? I know HL don’t transfer in LISA accounts, whether S&S or not.

HL LISA stocks and shares can be transfered to AJBell without selling, if I am not wrong. But it takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete

So crazy I just came on here to suggest the same
Plus 1 for LISA

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Any news on development if LISA in trading 212 ? (Likely to be soon or long time away ? ) Be good to know prior if its planned within this tax year.

Thanks @David @Ivan

it’s very unlikely to come anytime soon.
this was their answer back in August.

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I’m looking for JISA(Junior ISA) with Trading212 and desperately waiting for this.


+1 for LISA. Please update us on this thread when it’s available. Cheers!

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I would love for there to be a junior ISA on 212 so I can get my children investing.

Another one here who would love a lifetime isa with T212 :slight_smile:

@David @Ivan
What are the changes the LISA will be offered next year before march?
low or high?

I don’t even work for them and I know it’s going to be very low. Like 90% sure there won’t be a LISA for the coming tax year


Yea might not. just checked with HL they said they don’t take transfers cause it’s too complicated.

Oh serious, I’m stuck in the same position then. But I’d assume they will have it ready just before the 2022/23 tax year anyway. So leave the amount in the HL and start fresh with a new amount when the LISA is out on Trading 212. If just keep asking close the the new tax year a timescale on it so you don’t put money into it on the new tax year

They are working on sipp over Lisa most likely