Junior ISA trading account

When will Trade212 start to offer Junior ISA trading account ?


We’re considering having JISA, however, at the moment I cannot provide ETA.

Follow this thread for further updates:


Any updates on this please?


Looking to set up two junior isa accounts for the kids any news on this? @Team212

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there was a reply in another thread that it’s still not on the table yet.

Had a quick look and couldn’t see anything else, thank you for coming back to me

Its a shame they can’t build this in, I wouldn’t mind paying an annual fee to use the service as the cfd section would have to be excluded.
I’ve looked at the others offering a junior s&s isa and don’t really want to switch from t212

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Really hoping you will get sorted and put the option for a JISA on. Love using the app myself but hate having to use others for my wee ones Jisa. Please could you add this option.

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Really hoping that stocks bought in my ISA account will be able to transfer into a Junior ISA account. I have set up two pies for my boys plus they also share another.

Seems to be a lot of interest for this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

The trouble seems to be that under 18’s can’t trade cfds and seen as the isa/invest is a hook to gain more cfd users I doubt they will implement it. Absolute shame really as when they hit 18 the choice is there’s and they have a nice nest egg to play with.

Is this true @Tony.V would I be better off opening an account with another broker or are you planning on doing something with Junior ISA’s?


Excuse me for the delay. :point_down: you can read more about the requested:

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Perhaps you could offer the junior isa with a range of etfs that could be put into pies .
So it would be a safer way for the younger investers to start

I believe most of the ETFs can be put in pies (I have an ETF pie).

Just look for the F (Fractional) sign on the logo.