I only have the options of 1,847 stocks and 212 ETFs. Also no USA ETFs? The Website mentions you have over 3000 Global stocks. Please help

As the title mentions I only have the options of 1,847 stocks and 212 ETFs. The Website mentions you have over 3000. Also can’t see any US ETFs too? Is there something wrong with my account?

I think that 3000+ is refering to the CFD platform.

US ETFs are not available in Europe. Also I am not sure if the platform is updated with the number of all instruments (happened before).

@techpaper Not all new instruments have been placed/updated in their appropriate sectors/industries, that’s why the search bar isn’t showing all of them. The actual number is 2,700, we’re still testing the last 300 instruments before releasing, expect them pretty soon.


This isn’t true as I already hold US ETFs through IG.com.

did anyone get a response to this ultimately?


Think this article explains:


yeah, i’ve read that but i that still doesn’t explain why i’m able to on another platform (UK based mind you) and not on t212.

clearly not set up as a sophisticated investor there and have been trading etfs on ig.com since the last 3 years, without any hiccups or drawbacks mentioned in the article.

i’m more interested because i very much want to shift my holdings to t212, so actually looking for an answer on a positive side as opposed to trolling or demeaning them.

If you are talking about CFD/ trading, I guess there is no obstacle from legislation point of view. As you don’t get to buy actual share in Fund rather Contract via t212.

Most of the discussion was for ISA/Investing account, not able to have US ETF on those accounts.

agreed but i have never traded in cfds, nor do i see myself trading in them. so i’d love to see someone talk some sense into this.

worst part is, all those etfs on ig.com are “isa ready” and hence available on my isa account too. a shame i can’t see it here.

not at all trying to sell ig.com here but check this out @Vedran - https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/etf

I didn’t go through whole lisy but most of ETF there are present in t212.

Maybe a bit of misunderstanding, most of famous US etfs have UCITS version thus available in t212. Could you point any specific ETF which IG has from USA , which isnt UCITS compliant?

So it is not discussion that there is no US ETFs available, but rather some USA funds dont have UCITS compliant version, so not available, but most mainstream ETFs have UCITS version thus available to T212 or request to t212.

agreed, it may ultimately be a matter of requesting it from them :stuck_out_tongue: ha!

ok, let me take an e.g. of 1 i hold on ig


if i even try looking for BRNT on t212…

similarly, a lot of US based ETFs. 1 that i’m currently after, being VOO, no luck on t212 as it is US listed.

I know that IG does make US ETFs available, such as VOO (as alternative to VUSA). But don’t understand why such would appeal to a UK investor, even one qualifying as a “sophisticated investor”. Firstly, so far as I understand, such funds are not legal to hold in an ISA. Secondly, since they are non-reporting funds any capital gains are taxed at income tax rates rather than capital gains tax rates - which means a large extra hit to profits. Perhaps things are different for investors elsewhere in Europe. One thing I like about this community is that it is a place to learn new things. Perhaps @H2T2 can illuminate me on the advantages of US ETFs. I appreciate that some do not have a UCITS equivalent. But if it is VOO you want, then VUSA should do as well.


i would contest that, as i’m more than sure those ETFs are ISA eligible.

i would imagine a sophisticated investor would be interested in any instrument that provides them good returns, regardless of borders/exchange. which i believe is the the underlying thinking behind opening our horizons to 7 different exchanges via t212 or other such brokers.

as to the differences between VOO and VUSA, they go a lot deeper than where they are domiciled or traded. the differences include who manages these ETF/Cs and their underlying leverage etc. they don’t follow the same strategies for VOO and VUSA.

tell me otherwise :slight_smile:

but hey, fair challenge

I found this interesting article which amongst other things says “For a fund to be eligible for an ISA, it either needs to be directly authorised by the Financial Services Authority for sale to UK retail investors or it needs to be passported into the UK under the European Union Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) rules.”

But according to the following link VOO does have UK reporting fund status, so I guess it could be purchased in an ISA.


I wonder why most UK brokers do not offer it. Hargreaves Lansdown gives this excuse when I search for VOO on their site “By law certain stocks must have a Key Investor Information Document / Key Information Document available before investors can purchase them. The party responsible for publishing the documents have not made them available to Hargreaves Lansdown for this stock and so it cannot be purchased. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” Interactive Investor also says “We are unable to trade this security as there is no KID/KIID document available.” It remains a mystery to me how IG sells VOO while the others say they cannot.

The dividends paid by VOO are greater than those paid by VUSA since there is no 15% withholding tax taken before dividends are paid out. I wonder if this could be valuable to a UK investor since, although 15% withholding tax would need to be paid on VOO dividends, that tax could then be claimed as a credit against UK tax, which cannot be done with the withholding tax paid on VUSA dividends.

I have experimented with a login on my ancient IG account. Strangely, I am able to place an order for VOO, stopped only because of insufficient funds. I am classed as a retail client. I find this very odd, as this is something that Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor do not allow me to do.

i’m one of those guys who’s always in “i told you so” mode hahaha

just kidding. the main point here then being a lot of such US ETF/Cs are available, it might just be a matter of making enough noise with @trading212 to make them available to us.

i’m particularly after some of the products offered by ETFS, especially those around commodities.

I wish I could understand why IG allows me to do something that other brokers do not allow, and for which, as I understand it, I should have had to pass a sophisticated investor test. I have read that some platforms are keen to classify clients as professional/sophisticated since that permits them to offer greater leverage on CFDs, which generally means more profit for the platform. I find it disconcerting that IG is so ready to let me buy a product that does not have a KIID. Curious. Perhaps someone with the right knowledge can explain.

VOO clearly doesn’t, but a lot of other such ETFs do. check out BRNT. something i hold dearly but want to transfer to trading 212 asap. can’t because it isn’t available. also CRUD. both of them have KIIDs.

So I had a chat with @IGClientHelp on Twitter. They confirmed that I would have to graduate from “retail client” to “professional client” before an order for VOO would be put through. @H2T2, are you perhaps a professional client of IG and this is why you can make these purchases?

Similarly, if I try to buy BRNT on Interactive Investor, I get “Your account is not currently set up to trade complex instruments. Due to consumer protection regulations, you will need to complete our Appropriateness Assessment Form online to allow you to do this.”

i’ll need to check. can’t see it anywhere at this point. at this point, it would just make more sense for someone from @trading212 to comment on this now. anyone know how to get them involved/tagged?