New feature - Export your investing history

I can’t see the option on how to do this on the web app? Legacy or new. Is this ready yet or am I just overlooking the setting?

Quick update. I’ve got to the stage where I can automatically show percentage change in value over time for each of the stocks I own (see below for example);

Next step is to tie this in with the purchase and sell dates/values from the exported CSV file. Hoping I can get to the stage where I have a single stacked chart showcasing the value of my portfolio over time while easily revealing the stocks having the greatest and weakest impact.

Yeah, that’s what I’m aiming for. But it gets super complicated (unless I’m missing something obvious).
For example;

  • you buy 2 stocks for £20 (£10 each)
  • next day they drop in value to £5 each
  • you sell 1 of them for £5 (making a loss of £5 on that 1 stock)
  • you’re left with 1 stock worth £5 that you paid £10 for, plus you’re £5 out of pocket, so you’re down £10 overall

I don’t think a simple sum of the purchases (£20) and sales (£5) can give you the full picture, the formula needs to consider the stock value and consider both realised gains and unrealised gains.

I think I’m going to be wrestling with this for a while to figure out how to meaningfully represent the value of my portfolio within google sheets (and don’t get me started on trying to factor dividends into the whole thing haha).

I also posted on the wallmine thread, as its getting too fidgety to setup. The issue is more on the Wallmine side, than the data content from the 212 extract.

I am going to attempt finishing something along the lines of the below next week in google sheets with the new 212 export:

  • Tab 1: 212 import
  • Tab 2: Table of all the individual stocks ever held, current position, first purchase date, last purchase date.
  • Tab 3: A download of all the prices needed from Tab 2 to value securities between required dates. It might need a lock in/reload function to remove formula to speed up spreadsheet.
  • Tab 4: A breakdown of all units held per stock on a day by day basis.
  • Tab 5: A breakdown of the bookcost of each stock held per day (Purchase less sales less dividends).
  • Tab 6: A breakdown of the current valuation of each stock.
  • Tab 7: tab 6 less 5 figures.
  • Tab 8: Graph of performance summary over time - Total Return / unrealised / realised / dividends to date.
  • Tab 9: Ability to change filter to view all google finance stock history information.

Tabs 2 to 8 should auto update.

I will look to include a means to compare against 5 benchmarks potentially as well.

I’m not sure if it will ever be simple to break down performance by ‘pies’, especially if the same stock is held over multiple pies when you import your trading history.

If anyone is interested, or has some ideas how to improve before I start, feel free to give me a PM.


will you be sharing a link here? :slight_smile:

Yes - I made a placeholder thread for feedback :slight_smile:
Just tweaking a few things I don’t like first.

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@George @Team212

Im asking again.

PLease fix Cameco Dividend. My exported file shows withholding tax: “-0.00” which is incorrect. I received 0,053$ per share. However the dividend ‘pre-tax’ was 0,0615$ per share if i remember correctly.
PLease fix this asap as i need to pay my taxes soon…

Kind regards

Just saw the new export feature. Sweet :+1:
One feature that could be added (unless I didn’t see it), would be the ability to quickly choose a generic time frame like “last year” “current year” “YTD” “last month” etc…
But that’s nothing of importance for now really.
Good job @George @Team212 !


Any chance we can get separate columns for date and time? Just makes it easier to put it into readable formats


=trunc(A1,0) should help sort you out.

I know but I’m just lazy and having them in 2 separate lines just make things so much simpler.


Hi @George
Great functionality!
Is it possible to add the .pdf format to export data?
In this way, a valid tax declaration document is immediately available, without having to send emails to your customer care.


I’ve downloaded my exports fine, but it keeps bombarding me with on-screen notifications, how can I turn them off? It’s driving me crazy…


Can we have dowloadable data understandable ? I have everything on one line, it is not useful at all.
Could we please have an update on this? thanks

What do you mean, the downloads make perfect sense to me, everything come out in its own separate row/column and easily importable to google sheets or whatever you want to use.

This does not make sense to me, I don’t want to redo all the job of sorting column etc…

Its a standard CSV file format.

You just need to tell excel that the comma is the delimiter - takes 2 seconds.

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Hi @Jeffrey_C,

Make sure you specify “,” as a delimiter when you import the file in your spreadsheet software.


Hi @George

could you please explain how to workout the avg price for currency pair and non currency pair ?
I have a EU account and I invested in currency as well, so I wanted to use the spreadsheet exported to recalculate the avg price. Thanks for explaining

What are you trying to do? Work out the average local price of the stock in the stocks currency, and your account currency?