How can I export my invest holdings to a csv file?


How can I export my actuelly holdings in a CSV file??

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click on top right to get the menu → click history → click on the download page icon

I will not export my transaction history. I just want only export my actually shares in a list.

sadly don’t think there’s a function for that, what you could do though is use sheets and sum the transactions.

So you only need action, ticker, no. shares from your orders.
Then you can use a simple =IF(REGEXMATCH(Cell with action, “buy”), Cell with amount,** -Cell with amount**). You’ll get a positive/negative amount for each order now depending on buy/sell.

Then all you have to do is use =SUMIF(All cells with tickers,Ticker in question,Amounts)

Why not use the monthly statement email?

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Is there a way to export current holdings into csv file?

Please note that I am not referring to history/orders.
I am referring to my current holdings.



I don’t think so. the best method currently that I am aware of is to use your monthly statement you get emailed that lists everything you own in your account.

Yes, the holdings table from the monthly statement can be directly copied to an excel.