New feature - Export your investing history

You can now download your investing data as CSV!

The new option is located in the top right corner of the history section of your ISA or Invest Account.

Select the time frame you want to export (max. 1 calendar year):

You have control over the type of data included in the export. For example, if you wish to omit data related to deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, simply turn off the ‘Transactions’ option under ‘Included data’.

Once submitted, your export request might take some time to get processed. You will receive a notification when the file is ready to download.

Your trading data is exported as a CSV file - best viewed in a spreadsheet application such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Pages.

P.S. Exports are coming to the web app next week.


Waiting for the tech gurus to create their google sheets that will convert the CSV to a portfolio dashboard :slight_smile:


Anyone know how to open it on iPhone? I’m still pretty new to iPhone :joy:. I’ll maybe have to just email it to myself for my laptop. My phone doesn’t even offer to let me open it on Google sheets, and copying and pasting it doesn’t work properly.

You’ve downloaded it on your phone? (If not there’s a save to files option when the share sheet loads.

It should open automatically in Microsoft office, or any other spreadsheet app. The share option is sometimes the best way to open it as you can send it anywhere

Saved to files, when I try to open it Google sheets isn’t on the list of app choices

Google is a bit weird for whatever reason. In files you can enable google drive (edit, and turn on g drive)

You’ll then have the option to save to google drive when you use save to files. Sheets can grab it from there. There’s probably also a shortcuts way of doing it

@George great work! What about CFDs? Can we have the same reports there?

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I got excel and it works fine. But I’ll probably have to delete it as I don’t have much space on my phone

You can send it direcly via email, as I did, to myself and then I downloaded on my computer


You can also request it on mobile, go to the web version, and in the notification on the web there is a download button (at least for the beta web version you can).


Yeah I was going to do that later if it didn’t work on my phone

Thanks for the tip

That’s true. Just tried again and it’s working. Great piece of advice

Quick question on the data that’s got me slightly confused.

On my Invest export there are 2 columns, Stamp duty (GBP) and Stamp duty reserve tax (GBP). The limit buy orders seem to populate stamp duty and market buy orders seem to populate SDRT, but both numbers seem correct at 0.5% of the total. No order has both columns populated.

Is this just a quirk of the export or is it actually 2 different taxes? I thought the stamp duty on UK stocks was just SDRT.

That is great thank you! :slight_smile:


I have tested this feature and the data is incorrect for some items (see line 11).

When will this be available on desktop/browser, makes no sense on mobile before desktop…


yeah the csv is broken, because of the name of the company contains a comma, it’s definetely a bug. i got the same in my CSV as well, removing the comma fixes it

Data needs to be formatted like this, or it will move the data along in excel due to the comma in the name.

Market buy,08/01/2021,US28106W1036,“Editas Medicine, Inc.”,0.08067,88.03,USD,1.35522,5.24,EOF796946453

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We will fix the comma issue thanks for reporting it!


Will the CSV ever be expanded to include essentially what the portfolio shows? i.e. additional columns for ‘Current Price’, ‘Market Value’, and I guess projected result £ and %.

Appreciate that may not be necessary for tax returns but kills two birds with one stone for those looking to export the portfolio.

I’m not sure if that’s simple as once you have current price (and maybe FX) the rest can be easily calculated (except maybe dividends) or if that would have to be separate from the ‘history’.

A good feature non the less and great that there is reactive development.