New feature suggestions for Pies and AutoInvest

Hello @Team212,
I would like to suggest some useful functions to add to the Pies and AutoInvest function. In addition to the already mentioned, here in the community, the trend / growth chart for single Pie I suggest:

  1. Ability to move the funds of your account to each individual Pie, without having to make a transaction every month / week (whether manual or automatic).
    This way you can better manage funds, especially for those who hold individual investments that manage manually and many Pies at the same time.

  2. Ability to customize AutoInvest planning. At the moment you can only choose between some standard options, such as: every month, every 2 months, every week, etc.
    It would be very useful instead to be able to choose exactly your schedule, for example: every 3 days, every 15 days, every 50 days, every third Monday of the month, every last Friday of the month, every first Tuesday every two months, and so on. .

  3. Possibility to open the order details of each single share and ETF present in the Pies.
    This is because at the moment in the Investments tab when you open the order history of a share or ETF and these are within two or more Pies, all the orders executed are listed without any reference to the Pie to which they belong. So it’s hard to understand and track singles for Pie.

Is there a possibility that these functions will be implemented?

P.S. I apologize if the Topic was repetitive.


Hi, i hope someone will consider my text.

I have a pie with 35 companys, is my own ETF, that one is fo long time investment, in the same time i have my medium term investment shares (about 10-15 companies).
I found quite annoying that, all the companies are showing in the same holding list. Is hard to be focus in my medium term list because they’re mixt with the pie list too.
Can you please divide the pie from the rest of holding companies please?


To follow on from the great suggestions above:

@Team212 i would love the ability to set stop limits for individual pie-Investments.

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