Question on Pies

Hoping someone can let me know as I haven’t been involved in the beta at all so no real awareness of the features, but…

I know we won’t initially be able to move shares from our main folios into Pies, however can you set up pies without the % allocation and autoinvest functionalities?

ie. can we simply use the Pies feature to segregate certain holdings into sub accounts and top up on an ad hoc basis?

Thanks in advance.

Well % is just cosmetics if you don’t use autoinvest, which is optional.

When you do ad hoc invest, you can set manual target for each single security in pie.

I am using my pie like this, just let app auto generate % , dont care. Add all securities.

Then do daily purchase for X value for specific stock/etf. Without autoinvest or target weighing investment.


I believe the export/import is coming this week? So you will be able to on release :slight_smile:


Apologies, misleading type as the % goes hand in hand with the autoinvest.

Just meant can I hold a subset of my overall folio in a pie for housekeeping purposes and track the subset’s growth separately.

Thanks for the responses.

I believe you’d just ignore target % and focus on current % allocation

as @Matt_C mentioned, once import is here, you can add existing positions to pies. (However I think it will be BETA?)

But anyway Pie can be used just for pure performance/growth statistics, no need for fancy autostuff.

% is mandatory to be set, but as said has no real purpose if you use manual custom type investment:)

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Well if export/import is this week and autoinvest release should be next week to keep to the promised “end of August” timeline. This would mean in 2 weeks Joey can do exactly what he wants by using your suggestion (add his desired companies as slices, import his current positions and either use custom distribution to buy into positions or buy outside pie and import in each time).

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True if using Limit orders you will have to buy outside of pie for now, as no limit orders in pie.

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That’s true, but luckily we can set the limit orders outside pie, then once bought import them :joy:

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Trading 212 posted on Twitter the pies will be released to public next week so I guess they’re pretty certain they’re ready


Also do this in a Pie… autoinvest OFF and use the custom mode to invest in just same of the slices.

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And don’t hit the ‘rebalance’ button :wink:

Hi Guys,
How do you actually get to use the auto invest?
Will the app be updated once all the beta testing has been done?

There is a dedicated session in the forum only for this… in the search option you will also find tons of common questions :wink:

@tonyp, here u find the link to the beta sign up:


Saying this, we feel the feature should go live for good next week…we hope. :wink:


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